On The Benefit of Experience

By far, the most important benefit of my nearly forty years in private practice has been my recognition of the subtle but real conflict between the outlook of the attorney and that of the business client. We as lawyers have been trained to think prophylactically, to focus primarily, if not exclusively, on the avoidance of liability, and to eliminate every foreseeable possibility of risk. The concern then becomes what the client has to lose, and not on what the client can gain. This myopic focus has given rise to the characterization of lawyers as “deal-killers”.  My experience has taught me that to avoid the accusation of “over-lawyering”, I must first understand everything I can about my client and his or her objectives as a whole, and measure those expectations against my practical experience as well as applicable legal principles. I then identify potential problems, communicate them and collaborate with the client in prioritizing them as to the likelihood of their occurrence and their potential severity of impact. My focus then becomes going beyond the confines of the law to draw on my experience and skills in solving problems in order to forge creative, innovative solutions to eliminate, or at least minimize, the risks and mitigate any damage.

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